Our Model

Igniting Educators to Achieve Student Success

Mental Health + Education


"Our goal is to not add more to your teachers' plate, but to help them integrate this work into what they're already doing"

3C Approach


We provide the foundational content to increase the understanding and knowledge for students


We connect the content to the audience through our workshops, seminars, training and programs


We work with you to create individualized plans to increase usability and sustainability

Program Offerings


Train the teacher

We work directly with your staff to implement our 3C Approach with your students on a 10-month contract. Through three (3) in-person trainings (beginning, middle and end of year) and interim Technical Assistance to provide ongoing support and resources, we ensure your staff is equipped to seamlessly ignite their students' education in their classrooms. We also help you develop systems, programming and services for your school.


Community Series

This program allows us to work with a select group of teachers, students AND parents on a 10-month contract. We believe these demographics often talk at each other and not with each other. Through the community series, we will train each demographic on the 3C Approach so they can (1) lead initiatives within their respective community (think: clubs, PTA meetings, staff trainings, etc.), but also (2) so they can know how to work with each other for greater, long-lasting change.


Professional Development

We provide professional development to your staff and/or students covering any of our 3 areas. Together, we decide the best PD offering to best support your community. These can be one-time occurrences or a short-term series. These can also be offered in-person or virtually.

How It Works

Schedule a call with us to discuss your needs and how we can best support you. Our programs can be customized based on your needs and we want to make sure we're providing your students with the best opportunity for success. 

When we establish our partnership, we will begin with an pre-evaluation to determine the current services and interventions in place based on our developed assessment. This helps us to know where you're starting to best guide where you want to be. Both the Train the Teacher and the Community Series operate on a 10-month contract.  Professional Developments can be arranged as a one-time occurrence or a short-term series.

We will come out to your location to deliver the services! For the Train the Teacher and Community Series, we provide in-person trainings at the beginning, middle and end of the year, and Technical Assistance in the interim. We will help your school develop systems, services and/or programs and help your staff create plans to use with their students. The goal is to not add more to your staff's plate, but to help them integrate this work into what they're already doing.  Professional Development can be virtual or in-person, depending on the agreed upon partnership.

At the end of the program, we will analyze the data together to assess the overall program effectiveness. This information will be compared against the pre-assessment data to establish trends, findings and more. We will also use this information to develop a continuation plan for your school/organization with our programming and services.  

We want to make sure you have on-going support, even if the program is over. We will continue to provide you with supports, as needed and future programs will be offered at a discount. Sustainability is key and we're with you for the long-run

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