School is Back in Session: Taking Care of Your Mental Health!

Well, summer went by pretty quickly and it’s time to hit the books!

However, as we know, this school year will not be the same. Some of us may be on-campus, some may be taking a mix (half in-person and half virtual) and some may be fully online.

Going to school amidst a global pandemic is not easy. This sense of uncertainty can definitely take a toll on our mental health. It is important that we are constantly checking up on ourselves this school year to make sure that we are doing what is best for us.

Here are a couple of tips to help you start the school year right without sacrificing your mental health.

1. Check in with yourself often

Sometimes as students we just go through life finishing one assignment, moving on to the next, going to see friends, the gym, work, and we never stop and breathe. It’s easy to keep on going through our lives without really focusing on the present.

This semester try to do just that. Focus on the present. Check in with yourself. Listen to your body. There may come a time when you find yourself stressed out, as you are continually moving from one thing to the next. In that moment, stop and ask yourself, “What can I do to help me feel better”?

If it’s binge watching your favorite show guilt-free, playing video games, journaling or just sleeping, do that. Make sure you are doing whatever it takes to so you can feel at 100% when you have to do a presentation or take an exam.

Check in with yourself a lot this semester!

2. Practice self care strategies

Self care! The buzz word of the moment that everyone likes to use, but some of us, don’t really know what it is.

Self care is putting you and your needs first.

This academic school year students are going to have a lot on our plates such as following the public health protocols, getting good grades, looking for internships, doing well in your job, etc.