Supporting the BIPOC community all year long!

And just like that, July is over!

A whole month has passed by and there so many things we covered in regards to mental health. July was BIPOC Mental Health Month, which is why we chose this as our theme for the month.

The BIPOC community is greatly impacted when it comes to mental health due to a continuous lack of resources and guidance.

Every Monday in July, Christina Broderick, hosted an Instagram live to discuss topics that impact the BIPOC community.

During our second Mental Health Monday, we discussed more in depth about the importance of this month. In particular, three things you can do to support mental health among the BIPOC community:

1. Educating others

2. Destigmatizing & normalizing mental health

3. Knowing what to look for in providers when you are ready to seek help.

It is important to recognize the issues faced by the BIPOC community in terms of mental health and how there are things you can do to help them out.

Another topic we covered during this month was stress reduction.

Stress is always around us. As students, we are worried about schoolwork, jobs, extracurriculars, family life, and now add a global pandemic on top of these other things, and we are stressed to the max! It’s important that we know how to handle this stress so that we don’t suffer the consequences.