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Rutgers University-New Brunswick + IgnitEDU
Student Support Services & McNair
Student Wellness Sessions


We're so glad that you are taking the opportunity to learn how to put your wellness first. In these sessions, you will have 30 minutes to talk about your challenges and receive wellness tips and strategies. 

These sessions are NOT therapy. Meaning, if you have any challenges that require formalized support, please seek assistance from CAPS or your healthcare provider. If during our session, we notice you are in need of more formalized support, we will recommend additional options available for you to seek the assistance you need.

Christina Broderick, LSW

As the owner of IgnitEDU, Christina Broderick is a clinically trained Licensed Social Worker, a former Psychotherapist, a Certified School Social Worker, and an Adjunct Professor, who is passionate about ensuring mental health becomes a priority for all.


Christina holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Spanish from La Salle University in Philadelphia and a Master's Degree in Social Work from Boston University.


Christina has lived in Los Angeles, California serving with AmeriCorps, spent a summer on an island in Spain studying Spanish, loves playing sports and is a proud first-generation college graduate, first-generation American (Jamaican roots!), and first-generation business owner. 

To book a session with Christina, click below

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Sarah Nunn, MSW Intern

Sarah Nunn is a current MSW student at Rutgers University and is currently interning with IgnitEDU with hopes of becoming a counselor after graduation. She chose this path because of her passion for helping others and her interest in improving mental health services. She enjoys working with many different populations of people and believes mental health should be a priority in everyone’s life. In her free-time she is usually drawing, cooking, or spending quality time with her 5 pets. She is also German-American and speaks Germany fluently. 

To book a session with Sarah, click below

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