"It as amazing experience to be apart of the first IgnitEDU course cohort. I got a better understanding of student mental health, I learned skills that will last me a lifetime, I became more aware of my actions, and left with a group of friends that will hold me accountable in my journey. I left this course feeling inspired to learn even more about mental health. Christina creates a comfortable environment for every participant to shine and let their voice be heard. If you're ready to invest in your mental health, this is the sign that you've been waiting for"

Angely Francisco, Montclair State University

"IgnitEDU was the push that I needed when taking accountability for my mental health. Learning new strategies and resources I can use to focus on my mental health was extremely beneficial. I've known the importance of mental health , but didn't know where to start and by joining the weekly sessions it held me accountable and taught me new ways to not only focus on my mental health but better it as well."

Dalili Gonzalez

Montclair State University, 2022

"Thank you Christina for this amazing course. I used to not prioritize my mental health because I did not consider it an aspect of my life. I've always overworked myself at school and thought that my role as a student was the only important role in my life. Through your course, I've learned that there are many other spaces we can grow in mentally, such as our spiritual, personal, and social life. I have kept everything you've taught us in my toolbox."

Claudia Romani

Seton Hall University, 2022

"This 4-week course allowed me to not only learn new and helpfully tips to develop my mindfulness but also create a community that will support and hold me accountable".

Isabel Elliot

Drew University, 2022

"I enjoyed this course so much. Each week, I was so excited to learn new things regarding my mental health. This course provided me with information and strategies I need in order to be successful. At first, I was not sure what to expect but then with the other students we created a community in which we were able to express ourselves and bounce off ideas that relate to the specific topic we were discussing. I gained skills for a healthier mind and a community that will hold me accountable to complete the strategies we learned during the course. Christina was so great and made the course fun and effective. This course changed my life and how I view mental health. I feel better prepared to face any situation that may affect my mental health. If you or someone you know are struggling with you mental health, reach out to Christina, IgnitEDU and take this course. We forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical health and that we need both our body and mind to be successful".

Denisse Quintanilla

Monmouth University, 2022

"Though this course, I've learned so much about how to become a better me. I've learned the importance of having positive mindsets and how impactful our thoughts are in determining what kind of day we will have. In this course you can learn such simple tools that truly help you improve your relationship with your mental health."


Montclair State University 2021